Dingxi Beiao Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd.

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No. 1, Xincheng Avenue, Circular Economy Park, Anding District, Dingxi City, Gansu Province

Metal door and window manufacturing; pipeline and equipment installation; metal daily necessities manufacturing; container and metal packaging container manufacturing; construction and safety metal products manufacturing; provision of construction equipment services; metal tool manufacturing; metal wire rope and its products manufacturing; hardware retail; fire-resistant Material product manufacturing; building decoration and decoration; metal processing machinery manufacturing; metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing; retail of other interior decoration materials; retail of ceramic and stone decoration materials; other building installations; manufacturing of building materials such as bricks and stones; others not listed Ming construction (including construction labor subcontracting); metal structure manufacturing; building materials wholesale. (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can only carry out business activities after being approved by relevant departments)***



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