Guangdong Guanglv Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd.

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Self-edited Building 1-5, No. 55 Qingyun Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Aluminum smelting; non-ferrous metal alloy manufacturing; non-ferrous metal casting; aluminum rolling processing; metal building decoration materials manufacturing; metal doors and windows manufacturing; metal fittings for construction and furniture manufacturing; metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing; metal hose manufacturing; commodity wholesale trade ( Except for licensed commodities); retail trade of commodities (except for licensed commodities); import and export of goods (except for franchised and controlled commodities); technology import and export; investment of enterprise's own funds; real estate development and operation; property management; house leasing; software Development; computer technology development, technical services; mechanical and electrical equipment installation services; special equipment installation (except elevators and boilers); new material technical consultation and exchange services;;;;


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